This of one of the first pieces of art where I started to develop the style I used later for most of my hand rendered work. The pen work is a bit naive and before I really got the hang of things and I think these are water colours used here. I still have the original piece and I guess it should be in this archive. It was before the Lunasphere record (93-94) but designed for the concept explaining the lunar feature – there is no concept behind the name just what was in the picture. I often give artworks nicknames for my reference and storage.


Alchemist – Jar of Kingdom Cover Art

This is the reissue artwork for Alchemist’s first album and when I was still really learning design.

Alchemist Jar of Kingdom cover art

Alchemist – Organasm CD – Cover Art

The cover artwork for Alchemist Organasm CD, I was still at CIT studying design at this point. I did the layout on a fiends computer and the ones at school.

Alchemist Organasm cover art

Moh Van Wah – Weapons of Choice Promo Poster

This is the promo poster design for the CD release, the band did some large prints that looked great.

Moh Van Wah Promo Poster - Roy Torkington

Alchemist – Eve of War – Cover Art

This is the artwork to our 1998 EP release “Eve of the War” which featured a cover version of the same same from from Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds”. It was my first digital layout so I put a lot of time into the hand rendered base artwork then overlaid the text, effects and lasers – Pretty sloppy work when I look back but I always liked the artwork underneath. This was a year before I started studying Multimedia and I have to thank my friend Choc for letting me use his equipment and giving me a pretty good overview of Photoshop and Illustrator. This was an extremely popular record for us, it was an EP so low price and I was told the highest selling local release for ever for Impact Records (Canberra’s premier Record shop in the 80’s and 90’s). I gained a lot of confidence from completing layout and it really spurred my desire to pursue graphic design seriously. We had a big deadline and worked a couple of days right through to finish it off beforehand.

Alchemist - Eve of the War Cover art

Alchemist – Spiritech CD – Cover Art 1997

Final cover art for Alchemist Spiritech. It is my hand rendered artwork with a colour treatment, the original colours are much more earthy. Probably our most popular record and very exciting era for the band.

Alchemist - Spiritech Artwork

Alice Cooper – Royal Theatre 26-08-09

These are some stills and 2 videos from Alice Coopers “Theatre of Death” show from 2009, the first is the intro Schools Out and then the bit they cut his head off! pretty cool, I forget the name of that song. From the Canberra Show at the Royal Theatre. Pretty entertaining. It was the first time I have seen Alice and it was really entertaining.

Alchemist Lunsaphere CD – Cover Art 1993

Alchemist – Lunasphere 20cm x 20cm
Watercolour, guage, pen on paper

This artwork was done a very long time ago and was one of my first attempts at this sort of art. The art is water colour and pens, the moon is cut out of a magazine and stuck in top (pre-photoshop) You can see the dodgy cut out in the printed CD version.

Alchemist - Lunasphere cover art

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