This mostly time-lapse Flash video ┬áis of Canberra Institute of Technology’s ‘Momentum 2011’ exhibition staged by the Centre for Creative Industries at the Old Bus Depot Markets 23/11/11. I teach at this centre and this is my students final exhibition which they have been working towards for months. In Addition to graphic Design and Digital Media the night also featured Amazing displays of student work from Photography, Visual Arts,Environmental Design and music, with other disaplines of the Creative Industries featured on other nights. This footage is from 4 cameras mounted in the roof space of the venue and starts with some more relaxed static shots of the work so you get get a sense of the design space created for the event. Again huge amounts of data was produced by the time-lapse process but the final videos are quite hypnotic to watch. Keep your eyes out for the air-swimming fish.

Time lapse of the bump-in of this exhibition