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Encyclopaedia of Australian Heavy Metal – Book Cover Spread

I was asked by Brian Giffin editor of Loud Online to design a cover to his book the Encyclopaedia of Australian  Heavy Metal. This is book version of the Australian Metal guide which is a web site he has been working on for years that lists every significant Australian band. The book design features a ouija board style symbol with radiating segments that has the alphabet, Australian states, numbers and compass points all based around a pentagram. This was a fairly complicated symbol created in Adobe Illustrator. The Main type component was also designed in Illustrator and then the whole layout put together in Photoshop to give some texture to the work. I tried to use the phi ratio for placement of all elements of the layout and I’m pretty happy with the final results. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book there is a Facebook page here.

Encyclopaedia of Australian Heavy Metal

Ministry – Metro Theatre Sydney 27/02/15

These photos are from the Ministry Sidewave at the Metro Theatre 27/02/15. It had been 20 years since the first time I had seen Ministry and I was really looking forward to this show. It was a great gig that sounded awesome. These shot were taken with a Canon G10 from just in front of the mixing desk.

Canon WP-DC21 Waterproof Camera Enclosure for Canon G9

This is the waterproof enclosure my friend Bob lent me for our Barrier Reef trip. It enables all the functions of the G9 via enlarged buttons on the case and allows for the full travel of the G9’s zoom lens. There is a diffuser for the flash and can handle a depth of 40 meters or 130ft. first experiments snorkelling on the great barrier reef are here

Reefworld Pontoon – Great Barrier Reef – Flash VR Panorama

This image is a 360 degree interactive panorama click and drag inside the image to rotate your view

This is a VR-Style Panorama of the Hardy Reef “Reefworld” Pontoon. I shot this panorama hand held and just relied on the stitch assist function on the G9 to get the sequence ready for stitching.
Snorkelling photos here

More Macro Bugs

A few more macro shots from around the house, these guys were definitely looking at me. I like the shadow on the green bug, the photo is a little over sharpened but it was shot one handed while the other hand was lighting it with a dolphin torch. ha ha the bug was on the fridge. Still no mantis, I’m getting over the same old bugs.

Design City – CIT Digital Media Exhibition 2010 – Speedreel

This link will take you to the video played at 2000% speed of my students 2010 Digital Media exhibition at CSIRO – set-up and pre showreels.
DM-Speedreel 2010

New Decade new Blog!

This is the blog of Roy Torkington from Canberra Australia. I am a Digital Media &  Graphic Design lecturer at Canberra Institute of Technology. I am also the guitarist for Psychedelic Metal band Alchemist who have recorded six full length records and toured extensively in music career spanning almost 20 years. Alchemist have been quiet of late so I have starter a new project called Tranquilistics to focus my writing on. I am consumed by my interests in multimedia communication, graphic design, music, recording and photography with a great deal of my time these days going in to teaching these concepts.

I had been a practicing graphic artist for about  8 years before beginning lecturing Flash at the University of Canberra before moving to CIT in 2007. This blog will hopefully add some clarity and detail to my life which does move at a rapid pace. There will be an emphasis on the toys I get to play with and how they can be used creatively.

Roy’s Guestbook


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Welcome to Roy

I have setup this blog to be an archive of my work in the creative arts. I teach Digital Media and Graphic Design at the Canberra Institute of Technology and live in Belconnen in the ACT. You can find me on Facebook here Roy Boy