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Image of the Week – Spirits of Nature

This illustration is for a project given to my design students called “Image of the Week” Each week there’re given or concept to create an image for. This weeks topic is “Spirits of Nature.” You have too project your design to the group and explain you thinking, technique and approach used. I like to do these as it keeps me on my toes. This is the I came up for this weeks session. Its all Illustrator based vector art that uses some cool techniques and I’m really liking the restricted colour palette and fairly simple approach.Spirits of Nature - Roy Torkington

Crystal Skull Vodka Bottle – CIT Studio

This photo was taken in the CIT photography studio as I took a bunch of graphic designers through the basics of studio flash lighting. This Crystal Skull vodka bottle has now been used in several projects and demos of mine as it always looks so good filmed or photographed. The skull is on a mirror on top of a vanishing table. There is a light below and a key light directly on top. Really happy with how this photo came out and you can hardly tell most of the Vodka is gone.


Personal Logo Animation

This video is a short animated personal logo I created for myself as an example to use at CIT. My Digital Video & Sound students have to do an animated personal logo as a project.   This project file is used in class a demonstration file covering both animation in Apple Motion and audio integration using Soundtrack Pro.

Melting Ice Heart – Time-Lapse Experiment

This is a time-lapse experiment of a heart shaped ice block melting that has been captured in real time on video and then sped up 1000% to give the final time-lapse effect. A heart shaped has been used as this is a client experiment for an MIC electronic music project which my students are preparing artwork and video. I used a hardware shop halogen light that pulses and fluctuates with the time lapse effect so next time I will try a different light source that is more constant and stable. The final movie does illustrate the effect so it serves its purpose as a demonstration file. This movie was shot with a Canon XA10 video camera as HD and prepared in apple motion.

Kookaburra – Subtile Environmental Movement Demo

This is a very short animation using 3d depth and camera panning in Apple Motion. I noticed this effect being used in some documentaries and advertising and created this animation as a demo for our students learning motion graphic design. The photo is of a Kookaburra I shot with a zoom lens some time ago, this has be bird has been carefully isolated and prepared with a new background on seperate layers for animation in motion. The layers are separated by z depth with the Kookaburah being closer to the camera in 3D space. Some subtile camera behaviours produce and effect than cannot be achieved via a single static image and is often used to get maximum milage from a photograph.

Roy’s Hand Rendered Typography

These images are from a tutorial about hand rendered typography and how to digitise those graphics and use them in our designs. The first image is a rough draft developing the basic shape of the letterforms, I then map that out with more care on some grid paper, measure areas and develop the strong letterforms. Once complete I stick the artwork to my desk, stick some quality tracing parer over that and trace the design with care to produce a very clean master. This trace is then scanned, adjusted and finally traced using the auto trace feature in Illustrator. This process produces a very clean results providing your tracing work is thorough. Once the lettering is converted to  vectors they can be treated in many different ways.



Weird Science – Example Graphic

This is an fairly silly example I use for an creative assignment called image of the week, there is a new topic each week and student must work to that theme, this one’s for Weird Science, anything goes with this one really. Lots of photoshop and illustrator content in this one with both used in the final art.

weird science

Octopus – Scan to Vector Art Demo

I use these files in my classes to demonstrate how to produce beautiful clean vectors from original drawings, these are the steps.

  • Create your drawing – use pencils, guide lines whatever you need to get a good result.
  • Stick down some quality tracing paper over the top of your artwork
  • Retrace the artwork with a quality fine marker – ensure no rough or crossing lines.
  • Scan the traced into photoshop at high resolution and adjust levels
  • Place into Illustrator and use the tracing options to generate a vector version. – Expand and re-colour to suit.
  • The effort in retracing the original artwork onto tracing paper is really worth the effort! Good quality on the way in produces best results.

octopus- raw scan from trace
octopus- final vector

Choc Crocs – Cereal Packet Mascot Design

This is demonstration design was for a project I ran at CIT in 2008 called Choc Crocs. Students had to develop breakfast cereal packaging and create a mascot character for the brand. I use this files to demonstrate the typographic approach and development of the character from Illustrator to photoshop.

Choc Crocs Cereal Packaging

Botanic Gardens Rock Garden – Flash VR Panorama

This image is an interactive panorama click and drag inside the image move

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