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Image of the Week – Spirits of Nature

This illustration is for a project given to my design students called “Image of the Week” Each week there’re given or concept to create an image for. This weeks topic is “Spirits of Nature.” You have too project your design to the group and explain you thinking, technique and approach used. I like to do these as it keeps me on my toes. This is the I came up for this weeks session. Its all Illustrator based vector art that uses some cool techniques and I’m really liking the restricted colour palette and fairly simple approach.Spirits of Nature - Roy Torkington

Kaleidoscope 2013 Exhibition Showreel Intro Animation

This animation was created as in intro to my classes showreel presentation for their end of year exhibition. The static logo design was refined by the group based around the intital artwork of Rob Suthern.  I animated the logo and made this intro to take the pressure off the group who are all producing their own two minute showreel in Motion for the exhibition. It also makes a good demonstration file for teaching. Created in Apple Motion 5 – the logo type and some elements of the logo have been brought toward to add some dimension to the graphics. Some filters were applied to the square kaleidoscope image and image masked to keep the rigid diamond shape. The logo elements were all timeed to the start of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex and then final camera, masking, filter and typography work  to complete the intro. Will be screened at Kaleidoscope 2013 exhibition at CSIRO Discovery theartre Nov.28th 7pm.


Metal for the Brain Logo Animation

This motion graphic was created for the last Metal for the Brain logo that I designed in Adobe Illustrator  for the final show promotion. The animation was put together recently as teaching resource to show how to animate cameras and lights in Apple Motion. Elements of the logo have been elevated in 3D space and then scaled back into their original positions. The animation uses lights and features several virtual cameras that are animated in 3d space. Tunes: Demonic Refusal Testament.


Crystal Skull Vodka Bottle – CIT Studio

This photo was taken in the CIT photography studio as I took a bunch of graphic designers through the basics of studio flash lighting. This Crystal Skull vodka bottle has now been used in several projects and demos of mine as it always looks so good filmed or photographed. The skull is on a mirror on top of a vanishing table. There is a light below and a key light directly on top. Really happy with how this photo came out and you can hardly tell most of the Vodka is gone.


Snake Faces

My design students receive a design brief called “Image of the Week” were they have to design artwork to a topic or theme each week and present that to the group. A bunch of them have continued the idea as a Facebook group but this time with a bit more time “Image of the Month”. The Image below is my submission for the the topic “faces”. The image came together in a couple of hours from photographs taken at out visit to Perth Zoo over summer.


Personal Logo Animation

This video is a short animated personal logo I created for myself as an example to use at CIT. My Digital Video & Sound students have to do an animated personal logo as a project.   This project file is used in class a demonstration file covering both animation in Apple Motion and audio integration using Soundtrack Pro.

Momentum 2012 graffiti wall time-lapse

This time-lapse video is of a graffiti mural for out end of year exhibition Momentum 2012. The artists are Nick and Byrd and the time-lapse created over 4 hours with two GoPro’s and 2 video cameras. The hardest thing about this sequence was juggling the batteries of the cameras over the long time-fame. The final wall was set behind the bar at the exhibition opening on Wednesday night. The two artists worked really hard on this piece and Nick trashed his back in the making of the Mural. Audio is a remix of Skrillex’s track lick it. Source media for this time-lapse before treatment was over 100gig of footage and photos.

Amalgam – 2012

This large format, digital artwork piece is experimental with no planning or real concept, it just developed over the course of a week or so. I have used this in class as an example for our image of the week project. All elements in this image is 100% original and focuses on a wooden statue we have in the house and some show shutter light manipulations that I had on file. The master file for this image is large 60cm at 300 dpi. There is a lot of detail in this image that would be hard to pick up with this reduced sized jpg. I hadn’t really considered a tittle for this image during the process but “Amalgam” seems to fit. Amalgamation is a process in which things are combined and an amalgam is the result or consequence of that process.

Amalgam-2012 Roy Torkington

Night driving time-lapse test

This video is from my drive home from Monday nights class, I decided to put my gopro on the mount I have permanently fixed to the bonnet of my car and use the timelapse mode. I didn’t think it would work too well and was surprised when the results were quite good. I cut out the red lights where I was stopped from the image sequence and corrected the levels in the photos and put a slight effect in the footage to empahasise the motion blur. So a bit of a test with this video but something I will pursue further in the future.


Faux – Crystal Head Vodka Ad

This is a fake job, but makes for a pretty cool demo. I spent a bit of time photographing and filming one of the Crystal head Vodka bottles and after some experminentation ended up with some good footage. We have been making this ad in class as an exercise while learning Final Cut Pro this year. The skull was set on a lava lamp light that eliminated the head. The Camera (Canon XA10) was set very close, set manual to a large aperture the the lens as wide as possible fixed to a camera slider rail for the moving shots. Music is Classics VI’s version of Spooky which gave the piece some charisma. There is also footage of a  lava lamp overlaid  on the final edit for a splash of colour.


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