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The Shadowy Mantis

This praying mantis was sitting on our umbrella stand in the back yard fairly late in the afternoon. I grabbed our little Olympus tough which has a great :super close up” mode with a little LED light. The first shots were OK but kind of boring shallow depth of field praying mantis shots so I decided to change the angle and go from below. These photos are the result and I really like the eerie, sinister silhouette feel of the images. The depth of field and the darkening sky in the background make for an interesting image. I wouldn’t have been able to get my SLR gear under the mantis to achieve the same shot so it can be good to have a point and shoot around sometimes.

Enlighten 2014

These photos were from the Enlighten festival in Canberra which we managed to get out to on the very last night. We got there a little late which was a shame as the photos with the sky in the background worked out really well. These were taken with my Pentax K5 on sensitivity priority mode and while they are a little grainy I’m always impressed with the amount of light it can capture in dark environments. Was wrangling my two year old son too so pretty hard to take any serious photos but these ones worked out pretty well. Used a 1o-20mm wide angle lens.

Crystal Skull Vodka Bottle – CIT Studio

This photo was taken in the CIT photography studio as I took a bunch of graphic designers through the basics of studio flash lighting. This Crystal Skull vodka bottle has now been used in several projects and demos of mine as it always looks so good filmed or photographed. The skull is on a mirror on top of a vanishing table. There is a light below and a key light directly on top. Really happy with how this photo came out and you can hardly tell most of the Vodka is gone.


Sydney Harbour at night – Hi ISO

These photos are from a trip to Sydney earlier in the year where we took Lee on his first Ferry ride on Sydney Harbour. It was a cold and rainy night but I decided to take a few pictures and try out the K5’s Sensitivity Priority mode which I have never used before. I was surprised with the quality of the images, the high ISO introduces some grain but they did clean up alright and captured much more light than was visible to the eye. I was on a moving ferry so there is a little loss of sharpness. Sigma 10-20mm Pentax K5.

Hellfest Main stages – 2008

This is a partial panorama of the main stages at Hellfest in France 2008. The band playing is Katatonia. Alchemist were lucky enough to get a spot on the festival and I had forgotten I even made this image as I only just found it on an old hard drive. Stitched in photoshop from 4 or 5 images with a Canon G9. This was a really fun day for the band and we got to see some great bands.


Statue-Sheraton on Park

I quickly snapped this statue outside of the hotel on a work trip to sydney, I have no idea of the story behind the character but I do like the final image.

Statue - Sheraton on park

Canberra Storm Front time lapse – Australia Day 2013

Yesterday I went out chasing storm that was about to hit Canberra, these are time lapsed videos of the storm developing from Higgins and then the back of Dunlop. It got very, very, nasty after this and I packed up quickly and got out of there.

This footage was shot as HD 1080p video on a Pentax k5 with a 10-20mm lens. The wide angle lens while revealing a lot of the sky, it has the effect of making the action seem quite far away. The resulting footage was then sped up in Final cut to achieve the time lapse effect.



Macro Mantis with Flowers

I found this massive mantis outside the house and took these photos against the painted wall. I was really surprised how interesting the colour appears with the influence of the painted wall in the background. This was shot with my Pentax K5 and zoom macro. The photo where the Mantis looks like he’s holding flowers always makes me smile.

Mt Rodgers Tawny Frogmouth

These images are of a Tawny Frogmouth that I saw on my walk with Lee Kai around Mt Rodgers yesterday. The bird was right next to the path but was amazingly camouflaged against the bark of the tree he was sitting on. I happened to have my zoom macro lens on me and got these close-up pix with out disturbing him too much. Camera was a Pentax K-5.

Doomsday Festival 2012 – Canberra ANU BAR 13/10/2012

These photos are from the Doomsday Festival 2012 – Canberra ANU BAR featuring Atomic Bitchwax (USA), Mother Mars, Fattura Della Morte, Law of the Tongue & Marcus Depasquale. For a festival this was a pretty quiet night but all the bands were really good good.  Taken with a Pentax K5 under difficult conditions. Not much lighting action on the night.

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