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Merimbula dawn time-lapse

This time-lapse movie is of the sun-rise from Australian coastal town Merimbula on the south coast of NSW. 22nd of June 2014. The sequence was taken with a GoPro Hero 3 camera. The camera took a photo every 3 seconds which were then put together using apple motion. The sequence started about 6:30 until 7:15am. There is no audio in this movie.

Kaleidoscope 2013 Exhibition Showreel Intro Animation

This animation was created as in intro to my classes showreel presentation for their end of year exhibition. The static logo design was refined by the group based around the intital artwork of Rob Suthern.  I animated the logo and made this intro to take the pressure off the group who are all producing their own two minute showreel in Motion for the exhibition. It also makes a good demonstration file for teaching. Created in Apple Motion 5 – the logo type and some elements of the logo have been brought toward to add some dimension to the graphics. Some filters were applied to the square kaleidoscope image and image masked to keep the rigid diamond shape. The logo elements were all timeed to the start of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex and then final camera, masking, filter and typography work  to complete the intro. Will be screened at Kaleidoscope 2013 exhibition at CSIRO Discovery theartre Nov.28th 7pm.


Metal for the Brain Logo Animation

This motion graphic was created for the last Metal for the Brain logo that I designed in Adobe Illustrator  for the final show promotion. The animation was put together recently as teaching resource to show how to animate cameras and lights in Apple Motion. Elements of the logo have been elevated in 3D space and then scaled back into their original positions. The animation uses lights and features several virtual cameras that are animated in 3d space. Tunes: Demonic Refusal Testament.


Personal Logo Animation

This video is a short animated personal logo I created for myself as an example to use at CIT. My Digital Video & Sound students have to do an animated personal logo as a project.   This project file is used in class a demonstration file covering both animation in Apple Motion and audio integration using Soundtrack Pro.

Mt Rogers Tree – Time-lapse test

This grayscale time lapse movie is a test with the original GoPro model on time lapse mode shooting a still frame every five seconds. There is a motion time lapse feel to this movie achieved by zooming out from the image sequence in motion as the still frames are much bigger than the 720p final output for this movie. There is no audio in this short clip but I intend to use this footage in a music clip down the track. I converted the footage to grayscale purely for the different final look. This is a short mp4 file – I’m still testing various HTML 5 compatible video options.





Kookaburra – Subtile Environmental Movement Demo

This is a very short animation using 3d depth and camera panning in Apple Motion. I noticed this effect being used in some documentaries and advertising and created this animation as a demo for our students learning motion graphic design. The photo is of a Kookaburra I shot with a zoom lens some time ago, this has be bird has been carefully isolated and prepared with a new background on seperate layers for animation in motion. The layers are separated by z depth with the Kookaburah being closer to the camera in 3D space. Some subtile camera behaviours produce and effect than cannot be achieved via a single static image and is often used to get maximum milage from a photograph.

Tranquilistics – Ruled by Venus – Music Video link

This link will take you to my next music video experiment “Ruled by Venus” from my new Tranquilistics project. Tranquilistics – “Ruled by Venus” Music Video 4:40

Tranquilistics - Still frame from "Ruled by Venus" clip

Tranquilistics – Grand Illusions – Music Video link

This link will take you to a motion graphic music video of my new Tranquilistics song “Grand Illusions”
Tranquilistics – “Grand Illusions” Music Video 4:48

Tranquilistics - Grand Illusions

Motion Masking demonstration file

I use this file to demonstrate Masking in Motion using a video with alpha transparency and applying a layer mask to a still photo.

[zdvideo width=”360″ height=”264″][/zdvideo]

Motion Graphic Test – Spaceglow

Another animation test using animated cameras in Motion. – No sound just a test of graphics and timing.

[zdvideo width=”400″ height=”219″][/zdvideo]

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