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Blue Mantis – Macro

Summer brings out the bugs and this guy was in out backyard so I grabbed my Camera and got some cool macro shots of this guy using a 300mm zoom macro lens with a fast shutter speed on my Pentax K5. I got lucky as this blue colour just happened in the shot with the fast shutter and depth of field. This was the most unique image from the shoot.


Birdseye – Rainbow Lorikeet

This is a macro shot of the eye of a Rainbow Lorikeet on a recent trip to the south coast. These guys were super tame and allowed the camera (Canon G10) to get quite close to achieve the shot. I  have cropped down on this and added a little vignette to enhance the eye.

Birdseye - Rainbow Lorikeet


The Shadowy Mantis

This praying mantis was sitting on our umbrella stand in the back yard fairly late in the afternoon. I grabbed our little Olympus tough which has a great :super close up” mode with a little LED light. The first shots were OK but kind of boring shallow depth of field praying mantis shots so I decided to change the angle and go from below. These photos are the result and I really like the eerie, sinister silhouette feel of the images. The depth of field and the darkening sky in the background make for an interesting image. I wouldn’t have been able to get my SLR gear under the mantis to achieve the same shot so it can be good to have a point and shoot around sometimes.

Papilio Aegeus – Macro

These macro photos are of the Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly or Large Citrus Butterfly taken in my backyard inCanberra Australia with a Pentax k-5 and Sigma 70-300mm zoom macro. We get a lot of these flying around in summer but these ones where hanging around our lemon trees.

Macro Mantis with Flowers

I found this massive mantis outside the house and took these photos against the painted wall. I was really surprised how interesting the colour appears with the influence of the painted wall in the background. This was shot with my Pentax K5 and zoom macro. The photo where the Mantis looks like he’s holding flowers always makes me smile.

Mt Rodgers Tawny Frogmouth

These images are of a Tawny Frogmouth that I saw on my walk with Lee Kai around Mt Rodgers yesterday. The bird was right next to the path but was amazingly camouflaged against the bark of the tree he was sitting on. I happened to have my zoom macro lens on me and got these close-up pix with out disturbing him too much. Camera was a Pentax K-5.

Spring Macro Experiments – Olympus TG-1

These photos are from an Olympus TG-1, which is a waterproof point and shoot Suzie bought that has a great Super Macro function which allows you to get quite close. Keen to get this camera underwater and try out the marco settings. These are just trying out these close up features on plants around our house.

Water Beading on Grass- Macro Photography

Another rainy spring day in Canberra, I took these experimental shots quite early in the morning as the water beading on the long grass (which always needs mowing) looked really interesting and was catching the first light of the day. I used a Canon G9 in macro mode mounted on a gorilla-pod with  2 second timer to avoid any shake. The shots are as close in the cameras lens would allow and I think a bit better than my SLR zoom macro could get. The images were tweaked in Adobe Lightroom and a colour filter added to alter the green values.

Avian Macro Portraits

These images are close-ups of some Australian birds taken with a 20omm zoom macro. I love how this lens reveals the detailed feather patterns and interesting eyes on the animals.

Praying Mantis Portraits

I have been looking for a Praying Mantis to photograph for some time, they are such cool looking insects. This guys posed for a few portraits in the front yard and is still there frozen in his stance. He almost seemed camera aware and changed positions from time to time – always keeping one eye on the lens. This is the extent of the detail I can capture on my zoom macro, it really suits bigger sized critters such as lizards and birds. Used the 2 second timer on a tri-pod to avoid camera shake.

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