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Ministry – Metro Theatre Sydney 27/02/15

These photos are from the Ministry Sidewave at the Metro Theatre 27/02/15. It had been 20 years since the first time I had seen Ministry and I was really looking forward to this show. It was a great gig that sounded awesome. These shot were taken with a Canon G10 from just in front of the mixing desk.

Hellfest Main stages – 2008

This is a partial panorama of the main stages at Hellfest in France 2008. The band playing is Katatonia. Alchemist were lucky enough to get a spot on the festival and I had forgotten I even made this image as I only just found it on an old hard drive. Stitched in photoshop from 4 or 5 images with a Canon G9. This was a really fun day for the band and we got to see some great bands.


Doomsday Festival 2012 – Canberra ANU BAR 13/10/2012

These photos are from the Doomsday Festival 2012 – Canberra ANU BAR featuring Atomic Bitchwax (USA), Mother Mars, Fattura Della Morte, Law of the Tongue & Marcus Depasquale. For a festival this was a pretty quiet night but all the bands were really good good.  Taken with a Pentax K5 under difficult conditions. Not much lighting action on the night.

Morbid Angel – Manning Bar 28/05/2011

These photos are of the mighty “Morbid Angel” performing at the Manning Bar in Sydney. These guys are one of my all time favourite metal bands and it was awesome to have media access for the show. Thanks to Soundworks for the access and Jamie for putting Brett and I up for the night. Morbid were awesome and as entertaining as always and the Amenta were great too. Well worth the trip up the Hume.

Kyuss Lives – Tivoli Brisbane 07/05/11

These photos are from the amazing Kyuss Lives show at Brisbane’s Tivoli on Friday Night. The band were great and played a huge 2 hour set. A few other friends from Canberra joined us for the show and a taste of Brisbane’s warm weather for the weekend. It was a packed show but I managed to get a few decent photos of the band before my card filled up. Managed to get one of a small run silk screened tour poster with some cool artwork that we got home in one piece.. now its off to the framers.

Primus – The Palais, St Kilda

These photos & video are from the Primus, Melvins sideshow at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda Melbourne. We had some amazing balcony seats that were great for viewing but pretty muddy for audio. I didn’t manage to any media for the Melvins as it was quite dark. The Palais is amazing, I have always wanted to see a show there and was impressed by the scale of the building and its old school look. Managed to get this pretty stable video of “John the Fisherman”. Both bands were great, sound a little boomy in the balcony.

“John the Fisherman”

Queens of the Stone Age – Soundwave Melbourne

Some pix and video of Queens of the Stone Age from Soundwave in Melbourne, these guys were amazing and sounded incredible. The video is an extended “No one Knows” where a punter in a wheelchair goes crowd surfing is then invited on stage by Josh, I’m not going to post too much media from the day but these guys were on fire.

“No One Knows” Video – with wheelchair crowd surfing

The VeeBee’s – Tommo’s last show – The Basement

Some pictures of the VeeBees from Saturday nights Skate Rock Tour with LS Demon & Bad Shit at The Basement in Belconnen. Longtime drummer Tommos last gig with the band. These guys were awesome as usual but no BBQ tonight. The VeeBees

Heaven the Axe – Summernats – EPIC – 06/01/11

I went to the Summernats in Canberra to see these guys, “Heaven the Axe” a rockin, sort of alternative, hard rock band, with originals and some covers for this crowd. Most of the band members were friends from the road from the mid 90’s when we were all touring. With Steve Manticore & Phoebe , Tim from Abramelin and Matt from Damaged, the band sounded great (with half the alchemist backline) ha ha. I had a great night, the band were really entertaining and it was cool to see old friends again. It was a really a warm up night, Thursday at the nats so i tried to make my self useful and take some photos of the band.

Blondie & The Pretenders – Royal Theatre – 14-12-10

These are a few shots and some video from the Blondie and the Pretenders show at the Royal Theatre on Wednesday night. Blondie is Suzie’s fav and and was very excited, managed to get some awesome seats with Andi & Steve, pretty cool show.

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