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Encyclopaedia of Australian Heavy Metal – Design Detail

This is the front cover, back cover and a close up of the main symbol design of the Encyclopaedia of Australian Heavy Metal hard cover book due for release in May 2015. I have described the artwork process in my last post but have added these images so the detail of the design can be seen. The book can be ordered here

Encyclopaedia of Australian Heavy Metal – Book Cover Spread

I was asked by Brian Giffin editor of Loud Online to design a cover to his book the Encyclopaedia of Australian  Heavy Metal. This is book version of the Australian Metal guide which is a web site he has been working on for years that lists every significant Australian band. The book design features a ouija board style symbol with radiating segments that has the alphabet, Australian states, numbers and compass points all based around a pentagram. This was a fairly complicated symbol created in Adobe Illustrator. The Main type component was also designed in Illustrator and then the whole layout put together in Photoshop to give some texture to the work. I tried to use the phi ratio for placement of all elements of the layout and I’m pretty happy with the final results. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book there is a Facebook page here.

Encyclopaedia of Australian Heavy Metal

End Tranzmission – Logo Identity

I designed this logo for my friends Brad and Linda’s electronic music project ‘End Transmission’ – Designed in Illustrator and then finished off in Photoshop. Its not often that I play with 3D style imagery and I was fairly happy with the result. Working on the CD layout now. You can visit their band camp page here: Endtranzmission


End Tranzmission logo

Music Business Coach – Identity Design

I recently did a logo design for Music Business Facts –  a music industry podcast run by Rodney Holder. Music Business Coach is another spin off business where he offers students professional coaching. This logo incorporates elements from the previous logo but has a new colour scheme and bolder, more visible branding. Not sure when he is launching this endevour as the site is not up at the time of writing this post.

Music Business Coach Logo identity design

I designed this logo for Alchemist Drummer Rod’s online music eleaning site: Rodney also works in vocaltional education and training and needed an identity  for his new business and branding for his music business podcasts. The design took some time to develop as it was quite hard to mix money and music without looking tacky. The music note with the dollar sign was created in Illustrator and then mixed with the final sans serif typography. The site has some really interesting content and is currently being redesigned to incorporate the new branding. The initial version of the site is here:

Metal for the Brain Logo Animation

This motion graphic was created for the last Metal for the Brain logo that I designed in Adobe Illustrator  for the final show promotion. The animation was put together recently as teaching resource to show how to animate cameras and lights in Apple Motion. Elements of the logo have been elevated in 3D space and then scaled back into their original positions. The animation uses lights and features several virtual cameras that are animated in 3d space. Tunes: Demonic Refusal Testament.


UZUMAKI – Performance Parts Logo

Logo design for Uzumaki – Automotive Performance Parts. This is a specialised on-line import parts business about to launch in March this year. I will post the URL when the business launches. Uzumaki means spiral in japanese and we went for a very fast looking and cool looking typographic style. This is a 100% vector design created in Adobe illustrator to facilitate decals in a variety of sizes uses with some variations for the web and merchandise. These guys take their cars and racing very seriously and the business will have an big emphasis on customer service.

Rococo Creations – Promo Postcard

These are front and back designs for a promotional post card I designed for my friends Karlie and Kystal at Rococo Creations who make amazing hand made fascinators and fancy headpieces for ladies. We did some photo shoots of all the pieces and this postcard to promote the work. The closest I have come to fashion work, I little out of my personal style but good practice for other target markets.

Draw Fourth – CIT Creative Industries Staff Drawing Exhibition Flyer

Fourth Draw is the CIT Creative Industries staff drawing exhibition, launching tonight at the design space at Reid Campus. We will be having some drinks and food from 6pm at the Exhibition space in F-Block. The exhibition will be open for a week and some of the pieces are really amazing. All are welcome. I designed this flyer for the show featuring Bernie Slater’s artwork from last year.

Draw Fourth Flyer

Alchemist – ANU 3rd May Flyer 2008

This flyer was for a show at the ANU May 2008 with Pod People and Looking glass. I was suck for something to do so I found a way to use the bleeding cowboys font and keep it a bit fresh with the angles and edits to the typeface.


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