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Encyclopaedia of Australian Heavy Metal – Design Detail

This is the front cover, back cover and a close up of the main symbol design of the Encyclopaedia of Australian Heavy Metal hard cover book due for release in May 2015. I have described the artwork process in my last post but have added these images so the detail of the design can be seen. The book can be ordered here

Encyclopaedia of Australian Heavy Metal – Book Cover Spread

I was asked by Brian Giffin editor of Loud Online to design a cover to his book the Encyclopaedia of Australian  Heavy Metal. This is book version of the Australian Metal guide which is a web site he has been working on for years that lists every significant Australian band. The book design features a ouija board style symbol with radiating segments that has the alphabet, Australian states, numbers and compass points all based around a pentagram. This was a fairly complicated symbol created in Adobe Illustrator. The Main type component was also designed in Illustrator and then the whole layout put together in Photoshop to give some texture to the work. I tried to use the phi ratio for placement of all elements of the layout and I’m pretty happy with the final results. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book there is a Facebook page here.

Encyclopaedia of Australian Heavy Metal

Northside Lightning Cricket Logo

I designed this for my good mate Robbie’s (or the “Scorpion” as his team mates call him) cricket Team “The Northside Lightning” – Apparently they’re pretty good as they keep winning. Logo looks pretty good on the team shirts.

Northside Lightning Cricket Club Logo

Tranquilistics – “Grand Illusions” Guitar Picks

Some more experimental promo plectrum designs. This one based of the Grand Illusions artwork I did in january, I have been experimenting with colours and material to see what designs work best for the medium, these turned out a little more saturated than the original file but still look pretty cool.

UZUMAKI – Performance Parts Logo

Logo design for Uzumaki – Automotive Performance Parts. This is a specialised on-line import parts business about to launch in March this year. I will post the URL when the business launches. Uzumaki means spiral in japanese and we went for a very fast looking and cool looking typographic style. This is a 100% vector design created in Adobe illustrator to facilitate decals in a variety of sizes uses with some variations for the web and merchandise. These guys take their cars and racing very seriously and the business will have an big emphasis on customer service.

Tranquilistics – Guitar Picks

I had these picks made for promo for the website and for a bit of fun. I have been meaning to make up a bunch of picks for some time. I used these Tranquilistics designs as test run and the results are pretty good. Going to get some Alchemist ones made for fun too, just working out what artwork to put on them. Giving these plectrums out with my demo as promo.

The Last Metal for the Brain T-Shirt 2006

Front and back T-Shirt designs for Metal for the Brain 2006. Designed in Illustrator as vectors and produced good prints, I forget how many we made, several hundred I think. It was the first year with a big shift in demand for small sizes, In the mid 90’s we hardly sold any small shirts. Times change.

Metal for the Brain 2006 -T-Shirt
Metal for the Brain 2006 -T-Shirt-b

Alchemist – Redeye logo T-Shirt 2009

Another vector design based around the old revamped logo, the red looks great.

Alchemist Redeye Logo T-shirt

Alchemist Redeye Logo T-shirt back

Alchemist – Logobug T-Shirt 2009

Alchemist released this shirt in 2009 on T-shirts and hoodies. Designs are vector based and assembled from various older work, the bugs are from the Austral Alien Album. This sort of design prints really well so I have been sticking with the illustrator stuff for merch design lately.

Alchemist logobug shirt 09

Alchemist logobug shirt 09 -rear

Me the Conqueror G-String Artwork

I’n not sure how many of these the band managed to sell but I privided these triangular designs for printing on G-strings for the band to sell at gigs.

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