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Roy’s Hand Rendered Typography

These images are from a tutorial about hand rendered typography and how to digitise those graphics and use them in our designs. The first image is a rough draft developing the basic shape of the letterforms, I then map that out with more care on some grid paper, measure areas and develop the strong letterforms. Once complete I stick the artwork to my desk, stick some quality tracing parer over that and trace the design with care to produce a very clean master. This trace is then scanned, adjusted and finally traced using the auto trace feature in Illustrator. This process produces a very clean results providing your tracing work is thorough. Once the lettering is converted to  vectors they can be treated in many different ways.



Testing Karma – Surreal Artwork Piece – Photoshop CS5

This is another high res Thai inspired photoshop piece developed from a holiday photograph. I see this image as a real battle between good and evil – or perhaps like the Egyptian “weighing of the heart” once you die, “Testing Karma” seemed an apposite name for the image. There are many hours of colouring and experimentation in the image. I have used some marbled textures to add some movement and life in the composition. Its been a little hard to balance the saturation of the final without losing the impact but I think this last versions right. This image is used coloured and uncoloured throughout my Tranquilistics “Grand Illusions” video.

Testing Karma - By Roy Torkington

Marbling psychedelic patterns – Analogue to digital Sumingashi style

These images are of marbled watercolour paper that have been dyed with japanese Sumingashi inks that float on the surface tension of the water and are then transferred to paper by floating it on the surface. I used these inks when I was younger and paper quality is very important as cheap paper warps and bends. I used Arches Watercolour 185 gsm smooth to transfer the designs and then placed them on an angled piece of glass to drain off excess water and ink and to dry flat. The patterns are amazing but always a little washed out from the process. After they are dry they are scanned at A4 600 dpi that produces a very detailed image and then corrected and colour enhanced enhanced to dramatically increase the saturation of the patterns. The top row of images are the whole patterns while the bottom row is a small section from the top image showing the detail of the patterns produced. It’s cool to arrive at these patterns through natural means and not just photoshop filters, kind of a more analogue to digital approach.

Lucid Grand Illusions – Surreal Artwork Piece – Photoshop CS5

This design is what I would consider to be a major photoshop piece, high resolution taking almost a week to fully complete with a lot of very fine detail that has been coloured all by hand with a wacom tablet. This thai inspired design is from a statue I photographed in Thailand that has then been coloured and blended up in photoshop CS5. I wanted to do large experimental piece to really get used to CS5 – I have found the change to be fairly seamless with many of the small changes quite effective. The artwork is loosely based off one of my new songs “Grand Illusions” I Have really become used to working with the new intuos 4 tablet on this image.

Ludid Grand Illusions

Tranquilistics – Typographic logo design

This design is the logo for my music project I have going called Tranquilistics. I didn’t want anything to stiff and formal and after a few days of working glyphs, curves and vectors came up with this design that I’m going with for now anyway. It may be a it hard for some to read as it an “invented” word but I’m happy for it to be a little encrypted. Background art is a vector design composed of several tattoo bird and Phoenix designs that I traced with a Wacom Intous 4 tab using the blob tool. I need to get my technique a little better with the tablet as my usual workflow would drawn be by hand then traced in illustrator to produce the vectors.

Tranqulistics-typographic logo

Various illustrations

These are some older drawings, just doodles that have been refined to produce a good scan, I have changed my approach since then and now do a clean line trace over the top and leave the shading till a later stage.

Octopus – Scan to Vector Art Demo

I use these files in my classes to demonstrate how to produce beautiful clean vectors from original drawings, these are the steps.

  • Create your drawing – use pencils, guide lines whatever you need to get a good result.
  • Stick down some quality tracing paper over the top of your artwork
  • Retrace the artwork with a quality fine marker – ensure no rough or crossing lines.
  • Scan the traced into photoshop at high resolution and adjust levels
  • Place into Illustrator and use the tracing options to generate a vector version. – Expand and re-colour to suit.
  • The effort in retracing the original artwork onto tracing paper is really worth the effort! Good quality on the way in produces best results.

octopus- raw scan from trace
octopus- final vector

Lucky Dragonfly Tattoo Design

This design is for Wendy, a very good friend of mine who wanted a custom tattoo design of a dragonfly, the next image is of the final result, unfortunately I can’t remember the tattoo artists name. Wendy was really happy with the result, she calls it her “Lucky Dragonfly”. Its kind of nerve wracking drawing for tattoos when you know its going to last, not sure if I’d want to be a tattooist.


Artwork Series: Spiritech – Set of 3

This is the physical artwork I supplied for the Spiritech Album, the colours are very different but you can see the elements that made it to the cover ect. These have also been used in a CIT exhibition and are mounted and framed together. The artwork is gouache on paper with various inks and paints, the originals still look vibrant and fresh today. These were painted in 1996.

Spiritech Artwork - original

Spiritech 2

Spiritech artwork 3

Circular Design – 1993

This is a very old piece of artwork of mine from around 92 or 3. Its before I really worked out what media works best and has not really stood the test of time. There is a of of gold paint in this artwork that was put on with a quill style pen, my mum taught me how to do this as it is similar to her porcelain painting. The gold doesn’t scan particularly well. It was shortly after this I switched to guage paint that gives a more constant black and vivid colour. This art was used on the Alchemist Lunasphere layout 1994.

Circular Design 94

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