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Cilikus Progressio Project – CD Artwork

This layout is for the Cilikus Progressio Project, an Instrumental Rock, Jazz, Metal, Progressive, experimental band from Queensland Australia. Got to use all my Sea-world photos in this one and really enjoyed working this style. One of those images where I could just keep working and blending and adding stuff. It only got finished because the band wanted to get it out ha ha. Final photoshop spread of the cover was 1.4 gig – at a much bigger size and all layers intact. You can check the band out here on:
Facebook: Cilikis Progressio Project
Bandcamp: Cilikis Progressio Project

The Ovaries – Promo 2011 – CD Artwork

This is the art I did for a young Brisbane band called “The Ovaries” for their promo CD recorded last year at Southbank Institute of Technology. The designs are for a plastic wallet insert and CD label. You can check them out here: Good luck girls!

Moh Van Wah – Weapons of Choice CD – Artwork & Layout 2008

I did this CD layout for canberra rock band Moh Van Wah, I like the graphic stlye that developed here, it was a pretty quick job, they split up not long afterward.

View Flash interactive version of the layout here: MVW Weapons of choice

Me the Conqueror – Sleeping Alone CD – Artwork & Layout 2008

2nd CD for Me the Conqueror from Canberra, here is the artwork I created for the fiery phoenix idea suggested by Chris. I really liked the way it all turned out. Thanks to Suzie for finishing off the text when I went on tour.

Alchemist – Tripsis – Vinyl Pressing – 2007

Our good friend Eric the Viking decided he wanted to do a vinyl pressing of Tripsis. Eric is quite the music collector and loves his vinyl, he looked after this project from start to finish, the run of albums look and sound amazing, they are on splatter red vinyl withe a hand full in blue. Being 70’s kids we always wanted to have a proper record! These images are the artwork adaption for the vinyl pressing. It was a limited edition run of 500 copies so Relapse were cool with it. I wish all our releases could have artwork this large, things really looks cool this size.

Alchemist - Tripsis Vinyl Layout
Alchemist - Tripsis Vinyl Layout inner
Alchemist - Tripsis vinyl label art

Alchemist – Tripsis CD – Artwork & Layout 2007

This is the CD packaging for Alchemist’s 6th Album Tripsis. I had this idea about hands making signs like sign language or code of some kind that I wanted to use for this record. Anne Duffy was the model for the shoot and did the finger trick as used on the cover. I was really happy with the final results. I was a bit concerned about all the red in the design but it printed pretty well. The International version had more vivid colour than the Australian release. A big thanks to Anne and Andy Hogan for the photography.

Metal for the Brain 2005 Compilation CD – Artwork & Layout

My artwork for the 2005 Metal for the Brain Compilation CD released on Faultline Records.

View Flash interactive version of the layout here: MFTB 2005 CD

Alchemist – Embryonics CD – Artwork & Layout 2005

This is the artwork for Alchemist Embryonics, its a mix of vector and photoshop work like most of my CD layouts. This one was released in 2005 by Relapse Records

Tonk – Sister Switchblade CD – Artwork & Layout 2005

This is the artwork for Canberra Band Tonk’s first Album “Sister Switchblade” back in 2005. I did the layout and design a friend of the band did the cover illustration.

COD – Where’s the Peace – CD Insert 2004

This is a layout I did for mates and local band Cod Peace around 2004 for their CD where’s the Peace. The band are in the collage art as terrorists, we did a little photo shoot with tea-towels.

COD wheres the peace


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