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Cilikus Progressio Project – CD Cover Art

Cover art for the Cilikus Progressio Project Debut CD – May 2013

Cilikus Progressio Project CD artwork

The Ovaries – Promo 2011 – Cover Art

Cover art for “The Ovaries” – Promo 2011 CD
The Ovaries - CD Cover

Alchemist – Tripsis CD – Cover Art

Cover art for Alchemist Tripsis 2007.

Alchemist Tripsis- Cover Art

Me the Conqueror – Sleeping Alone CD – Cover Art

2nd CD for Me the Conqueror from Canberra – This image works much better as the double spread.
Sleeping Alone CD layout

MTC - Sleeping Alone CD Cover

Moh Van Wah – Weapons of Choice CD – Cover Art

Cover of Moh Van Wah’s Weapons of Choice CD. Other spreads look better than the cover. Something bugged me about the name Weapons of Choice – Its a BRMC song title.

Moh Van Wah Cover Art

Alchemist – Austral Alien CD – Cover Art

This is the cover art of Alchemist’s Austral Alien CD of 2003. The main image is of the Corillion in Canberra looking up. The eyes are from Emus. All shots taken from my first digital camera.

Austral Alien Cover

Alchemist – Embryonics CD – Cover Art

This is one of my favorite designs and the cover to Alchemist’s Embryonics compilation double CD. The main face was a polystyrene hatstand at work and the alien was in a lava lamp in Amsterdam on our first tour. Lots and lots of layers in this one.

Alchemist Embryonics artwork by Roy Torkington

Metal for the Brain 2005 CD – Cover Art

This design is the cover of the 2005 Metal for the Brain compilation CD put out on DW Norton’s Faultline Label.

MFTB 2005 CD cover art

COD – Where’s the Peace

Cover of Canberra Band COD (previously Cod Peace) CD Where’s the Peace? 2004.

COD-Where's the Peace CD cover

Pod People – Doom Saloon CD – Cover Art

Cover of Doom Saloon and first panel in a very detailed illustration. The cover is really tame compared to what’s inside.

Pod People - Doom Saloon Cover

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